R&G アールアンドジー サイドスタンド スタンドハイトブラケット【Kickstand Shoe】■


■商品番号PKS0058SI■商品概要装着難易度 (1-5):1 - 簡単装着参考目安時間:1 分■適合車種▼YAMAHAYZF-R1 (2009) YZF-R1 (2010) YZF-R1 (2011) YZF-R1 (2012) YZF-R1 (2013) YZF-R1 (2014) ■詳細説明Kickstand ShoeNever forget your sidestand puck again!Kickstand Shoes bolt onto the bottom of the sidestand,to enlarge the original’s footprint by up to 100%,significantly spreading the load placed upon it,to help prevent the stand‘piercing’the ground.Despite this enlargement,the Shoe does not affect ground clearance or interfere with the chain run during normal riding.Available for nearly 100 different bikes,covering popular adventure,sports,nakeds and touring machines,each Shoe is bespoke to the intended bike and sandwiches the existing stand foot with an aluminium bottom level to prevent corrosion and is topped with a stainless steel lid for strength.The product can be fitted in minutes as it is clamped together with three countersunk Allen bolts.This particular model fits the Yamaha YZF-R1’13-’14.■注意点※輸入商材の為、納期にお時間を頂くケースがございます。

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